Ettore Roesler Franz Room "The memory of places"

The collection of watercolours that Ettore Roesler Franz dedicated to the different aspects of the city of Rome, for exhibition and conservation purposes, is available in regular temporary exhibitions.

II Sala Ettore Roesler Franz

In the second room dedicated to Ettore Roesler Franz are displayed several watercolours from the "Roma pittoresca (Picturesque Rome)" series, which document in more detail the activities of daily life in the neighbourhoods of Rome at the end of the Nineteenth Century, in particular in Trastevere, Campidoglio, the Ghetto, Celio, the Borgo, Ripa and Prati di Castello. The room also contains the pianoforte and several pieces of furniture once belonging to the studio of Alessandro Vessella (Alife 1860 - Roma 1929) who in 1885, when he was only 25, was nominated the Director of the City Band of Rome.