The Italian Landscape. Photographs 1950 - 2010

Francesco Radino, Capri, 2003
24/01 - 21/04/2014
Museo di Roma in Trastevere

The exhibition ranges during the second half of 900, and highlights the various ways in which the Italian landscape has been approached on the basis of different "schools of thought" to which belonged the authors.

There are Pictorialists (as Riccardo Peretti Griva or Henry Pavonello at a young age) to photographers near Croce's aesthetics (Giuseppe Cavalli, Piergiorgio Branzi, Alfredo Camisa, Moder Joseph, Raffaele Rotondo, Dino Bruzzone), and participants at La Gondola (including Gianni Berengo Gardin, Elio Ciol, Fulvio Roiter, Gino Bolognini, Joseph Bruno); Neorealists (Luigi Crocenzi, Gianni Borghesan and Nino Migliori at the beginning of his career) and the landscape painters of the Italian Touring Club (Bruno Stefani, Toni Nicolini, Ezio Quiresi Francis Radino and subsequent years).
Pure Carla Cerati in the '60s he worked on the landscape, as well as another photojournalist, Giorgio Lotti, whose memorable were the report on the floods of Florence. Since the early 60's was the time of the trip as the discovery of a territory that Paul Monti had started mapping in a systematic way.
To the great masters Mario Giacomelli Ugo Mulas and the landscape was closely related to the literature while Franco Fontana became an enchanted land that epitomized the Renaissance aesthetic landscape.
By the end of the '60s, Guido Guidi began to present its landscapes marginal anticipating the current problems of non-places and then with Louis Ghirri, based on the criticism of the "vision cartolinesca", was launched from the 70s the new journey in Italy and brought out as a result a new way of understanding the photo, and then the beauty of the Mediterranean and its cultural richness (Giuseppe Leone, Ferdinando Scianna, George Tate) to the urban dimension (Gabriele Basilico and Mario Cresci, Olivo Barbieri, Luca Campigotto, Gian Antonio Battistella, Vittore Fossati, Andrea Abati, Marco Zanta, Nicholas Lorusso, Nunzio Battaglia, Vincenzo Castella).
With the city overrun by Roberto Salbitani appears in urban areas the invasion of the advertising of which Oliviero Toscani and Franco Turcati enhance the disruptive potential of the media, while Luca Maria Patella, Pink Foschi, Mario Sillani Djerraian and then Gianluigi Colin, Marcello Di Donato Bramante David and Maria Mulas are measured by them with stunning scenery.
Over the years, some of the Italian photographers continued the search of more traditional ones that are now probably the last glimpses of the beauty of the landscape before Augustus Viggiano, then Valerio Rebecchi, Cesare Colombo, Ippolita Paolucci, Alberto Tissoni, Charles Leidi Antonio Biasiucci finally Bidino Laura Di Valerio you.
Elements of art history and memory of places were instead introduced to David Camisasca, Vasco Ascolini, Liborio Di Cesare, Paul Simonazzi, Bruno Cattani or by photojournalists Aldo Martinuzzi and Robert Koch.
The last part of the exhibition presents contemporary vision of the landscape now fragmented as proposed by Massimo Vitali, Moreno Gentili, Cristina Omenetto, Giovanni Gastel, Marco Signorini Marco Campanini, Maurizio Montagna, Samantha Banetta, Marco Citron, Luciano Gaudenzio, Massimo Siragusa and Maurizio Galimberti.
After the exhibition in Rome (promoted by the Culture, Creativity and Artistic Promotion - Capitolina Superintendent of Cultural Heritage, the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and the CRAF Center Research and Archiving of Photography, with the organization of Zètema Progetto Cultura) photos will travel to Zagreb, Zadar and Rijeka in Croatia during the Italian Presidency of the European Union, then in Ljubljana and then to Vienna.


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