The Ettore Roesler Franz Room "The Tiber"

The collection of watercolours that Ettore Roesler Franz dedicated to the different aspects of the city of Rome, for exhibition and conservation purposes, is available in regular temporary exhibitions.

I Sala Ettore Roesler Franz

The first of the two room dedicated to Ettore Roesler Franz and the famous "Roma pittoresca (Picturesque Rome)" series contains seven watercolours, which, through images of the banks of the Tiber, illustrate the radical urban transformations that took pplace in the city immediately after 1870. Four more watercolours show various crafts (cobblers, carpenters, goatherds, and walking salesmen), while the last, Palazzo Scapucci and the Tower known as Torre della Scimmia, recall popular religion and the statue of the Madonna placed on the tower of the Palazzo as a votive offering made to recognise the miraculous rescue of the owner’s son, who had been carried up there by a monkey the family kept as a pet.