The eyes of war

11/10 - 09/11/2008
Museo di Roma in Trastevere

An exhibition of photographs taken by war correspondents to tell the story of people and places caught up in conflicts that have broken out in all corners of the globe in the last twenty-five years.

The 85 panels on display take us on a journey through the dramas, consequences and horrors of fighting throughout the world from Vietnam to Afghanistan, Cambodia to the Balkans and from Sri Lanka to the Lebanon. The eyes of war focus on the different aspects of a conflict: the war orphans and child soldiers, life in the trenches, the battles that are fought and the front line casualties that ensue as well as the those in the background that are victims of war, those trying to escape it, life in the refugee camps and the aftermath of a war with cities that need rebuilding and roads that have to be cleared of mines. All of this, and more, has been immortalized by photographs by Almerigo Grilz, Gian Micalessin, Fausto Biloslavo, Lord Michael Cecil, Carlo Imbimbo, Stefano Rossi and Mauro Scrobogna. A specially selected collection of photographs that not only celebrate the passion, courage and skills of these war correspondents, but above all a commemoration of the work of Almerigo Gritz who died twenty years ago whilst reporting on the war in Mozambique.


Museo di Roma in Trastevere
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